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High quality 1:1
TOP AAA ladies handbag factory
Let you save money and time
All luxury brands


Factory album

Factory album, all using the same original leather goods and original hardware


Q1. What kinds of products can you provide?

A : Our main products are shoulderbags, tote bags, handbags, hobo bags, backpack, and various lady bags.We also have various accessories products. Including hats, scarves, belts, watches, glasses, fashion accessories, etc.

Q2: How much is the product?

A: Please scan the whatsapp QR code to get it, and send the picture to get the quotation.

Q4: How long does arrival time?

A:7-15 days

Q5: How many days can it be shipped?

A: We have a large inventory and generally ship the goods on the same day, and will provide you with a tracking number within 5-7 days.

Q6: How about quality of products?

A: We strictly control every detail of the products.
1.All raw material need check and inspection before using.
2. Skillful workers care every detail.
3. Quality-control department responsible for quality checking in each process specially.

Q7. What is your packing?

A: Equipped with a full set of accessories, including instructions, dust bag, and original carton